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Simple Window Cleaning Tips

May 21, 2016 | Home Improvement

Put away the ladder. Here's your insider's guide to the easiest way to wash winter away Biggest Challenges 1. Dirty sills and frames 2. Dusty, grimy screens 3. Spotty, smeared glass Fastest Fixes We know-- going at the glass with the cleaner is the most satisfying part. Before you squeeze that trigger, pull back the blinds or curtains, open the window, and inspect its sill, frame, and tracks for obvious crud and cobwebs. Handy: a cloth-wrapped screwdriver for flicking out dead bugs or hard-to-reach gunk. If you leave yours in year-round, give them a once-over now-- otherwise, all that dried-on dirt may blow into your house the first time you open the windows for ventilation. Just run your vacuum with its dusting-brush attachment over the side that faces in. (Side to side, top to bottom is the speediest method.). For windows that tilt in, washing both sides is a cinch. Tilt the window the other way; repeat on the outer panes, but this time wipe vertically (cleaning in opposite directions makes streaks obvious and easier to zap). For double-hung windows that don't fold in, slide the bottom pane up about eight inches-- so you can reach out and up. It is really hard to clean windows especially if you don't have experience in doing it. There are some who is busy at work hires a window cleaning services from home cleaners. It is a bit expensive but they have professional that can clean your window like brand new.

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