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Spring Clean the Feng Shui Process

June 9, 2016 | Home Improvement

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of positioning, was developed many thousand years ago. The goal of feng shi is to live in harmony with your environment so that the energy of your surroundings works for you rather than against you. Feng means wind and shui means water. Wind represents the unseen in our lives and water represents the seen. Both are symbolic of the flow of energy or chi in our surroundings. Too strong and flood waters or hurricanes develop. Too little and stagnation or stifling conditions develop. With the flow of energy just right, there is a gentle breeze or a meandering stream. Both are symbolic of the flow of energy that is optimum in our homes and offices. Spring cleaning, that yearly rite of spring, is approached with enthusiasm by some and merely talked about as a nice idea by others. Most of us are somewhere between these two extremes, tackling a few overdue cleaning projects with determination and thoughts of warm sunny days ahead. No matter where you are on this continuum, being in a space that has been thoroughly cleaned is refreshing and welcoming. It has a positive influence on your outlook. Feng shui provides guidelines for creating that "good energy" feel in all your spaces. Spring cleaning Brisbane is a perfect time to begin to apply these guidelines. Feng shui teaches us that, just as we are affected by our surroundings, we are also reflections of our spaces. We have all walked into a room or building and immediately felt uncomfortable. Conversely, we have all walked into spaces that have made us feel relaxed and calm. Feng shui works on several different layers to achieve balance and harmony in our environments. The initial layer is balancing the energy flow. The primary reason for energy blocks is clutter. Clutter can make us feel overwhelmed, depressed, confused, and stuck. Clutter includes: anything that is unloved or unused, too many things in too small a space, piles and piles, disorganization, too many little things, unfinished projects, anything in a state of disrepair, and/or anything dirty. Take a look around your house - both inside and out. Open closet doors, look under sinks, check out the attic. Don't forget under the garage and under the deck. Do you have a pile of junk behind your house? Just because you don't see your clutter everyday, does not mean it's not there! What you keep around you reflects you whether it is visible or not. To avoid that overwhelmed feeling while trying to get rid of clutter it is important to make the process manageable. The first step is to break it down into smaller tasks. Choose one drawer or one shelf as your first project. Congratulate yourself when that is done. Move on to another one. You may only have time for one small project a day. The important thing is to set realistic goals. If you wait for enough time to do it all at once, it will never happen - that is really an excuse to not get started at all. When you start any de-cluttering project, plan to sort items where you are. Make piles (or use boxes) for different types of things; for example, things to throw away, things to go upstairs, things to give away, things to put in a yard sale, things to file, etc. Once you've sorted, then it's time to get rid of the things you are getting rid of - items to thrift shop, junk to the trash can, yard sale items in the garage and so on. Find homes and containers for the other items. It is only then that it is appropriate to find or purchase the containers that you need. Many people make the mistake of buying containers before they sort anything and the containers just become more clutter and never get used because they are not the right size. Do you have a hard time getting rid of things? Do you keep things "just in case"? Do you keep gifts you've never used because you don't want to offend the givers? Do you feel uncomfortable if you are not surrounded by a lot of things? Do you keep clothes that you haven't fit into in ten years with the idea that you'll wear them again when you loose those 15 pounds.? Do you have books about subjects that no longer interest you? When you answer these questions honestly you may begin to see where your clutter comes from. Letting go of objects that we no longer use, need, or love is a very cleansing process. It can also be a very difficult one for some. If you need help with the process, hold an item that no longer supports you in any way, give thanks for the place it held in your life at one time, and then let it go. Remember that letting go of the old makes room for the new. It also indicates a trust in the future. Clearing clutter is the first step toward balancing the energy of your surroundings in feng shui. It is also important to slow down any rushing chi. Another layer is working with the bagua, a template that is superimposed upon any structure and identifies specific areas that correspond to various aspects of your life. Repositioning furniture, using color and other enhancements, balancing yin and yang, and balancing the five elements are other steps in the feng shui process. Begin this spring to feng shui your home and/or office and change your life!

The renter’s guideline to end-of-lease cleaning

May 31, 2016 | Home Improvement

The last thing you want to think about when you’re moving house is the cleaning. But if you want your bond back you’re going to have to exert some elbow grease – or save your time and energy and get someone else to do the end of lease cleaning for you. You’ll give up your bond unless you leave your rental property spick and span for the next tenant. Bond money is normally equivalent to a full month’s rent so is worth cleaning for! It will no doubt come in handy at moving time due to the long list of moving expenses. What do you get for your money? For $250 you’ll get an average sized two-bedroom place scrubbed from top to bottom – including that all-important toilet, oven and stove top. In addition to the “basics,” this amount typically includes your doors, walls and windows spot cleaned, as well as carpet steam cleaning. Quotes obviously vary according to the size of the house and the extent of the work needing to be done. For a larger three-bedroom house expect to pay around the $400 mark. And don’t be frightened into thinking you’ll be forking out for a complete two days of work for an end of lease clean. While it may take you that long to get your place in order, a professional will power through it in a fraction of the time. Why use expert bond cleaners? Anyone may be confident that you can handle the clean yourself, but be careful not to underestimate the hard work required. End of lease cleaning is much more complex than your typical fortnightly clean. You’re often dealing with fixtures and appliances that have never been cleaned – just picture those disgusting insect-filled light fittings! Rather than spending your weekend knee-deep in dust and grime, it makes sense to leave the demanding task in the hands of a professional cleaning company. End of lease cleaners not only work tougher, but wiser. They know exactly what real estate agents and landlords are looking for in a clean and make sure they deliver. Money back guarantee Most end of bond clean Brisbane offer some type of bond refund guarantee. If you fail to get your full bond back due to a cleaning issue they’ll happily return to the property and rectify the problem. At the very least your cleaner should provide you with a tax receipt which you can present to the real estate agent as proof you’ve had the place professionally cleaned. This will hopefully lessen the likelihood of any nit-picking. A skilled bond cleaning at Brisbane allows you to focus on your move and new home without being dragged back to scrub your old one.

Do-it-yourself Cleaning Products You’ll Want to Try

May 24, 2016 | Home Improvement

Are you interested in do-it-yourself home cleaning products to replace commercial products with harsh chemicals? If so, using natural substances for cleaning can also help improve the air quality in your home. By eliminating toxic cleaners from their homes and using natural homemade cleaning products, says Deirdre Imus, the founder of The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center and author of "Growing Up Green," parents "can protect their children from environmental toxins." Here are 15 cleaning products to consider making yourself instead of buying: 1. Cleaning Wipes Take care of those counters and table tops in a jiffy. Check out this amazing homemade cleaning wipes recipe from the lifestyle blog First Home Love Life. 2. All-Purpose Cleaner If you want an all-purpose cleaner that will leave your home smelling fresh and clean, try adding a little peppermint. Top Inspired has a recipe for a homemade peppermint all-purpose cleaner that does the trick. 3. Dishwasher Soap For dishes that sparkle without leaving unwanted chemical residue, make your own dishwasher soap and soap tablets as found on the homemaking blog Easy-Home-Made. 4. Homemade Soft Scrub Tubs and showers can sometimes collect nasty soap scum and greasy build-up, but you don't need a chemical arsenal to get them clean. Try making this inexpensive soft-scrub cleanser, courtesy of the budget-friendly blog One Hundred Dollars a Month. 5. Toilet Bowl Cleaner Instead of a toilet bowl cleaner containing bleach, try using this environmentally-friendly one 6. Orange Basil Counter Spray Instead of buying expensive natural counter sprays, try making your own using real oranges and fresh basil 7. Laundry Detergent natural ingredients like castile soap and baking soda to create your own homemade laundry detergent. Plus, making laundry soap from scratch can save you a lot of money! 8. Dusting Spray Dust can be a problem for family members with asthma or allergies 9. Hardwood Floor Cleaner For scratched-up wood floors, use a homemade hardwood floor cleaner like the one featured 10. Oven Cleaner Commercial oven cleaners often contain caustic substances, but you can eliminate that with this kid-safe oven cleaner recipe from the home decorating blog Decor Adventures. 11. Dryer Sheets For static-free laundry without chemical residue, View From the Fridge recommends these dryer sheets you can reuse again and again. 12. Garbage Disposal Cleaner Let's face it, garbage disposals smell if you don't clean them regularly. Bitz & Giggleshas a great recipe for a citrusy-fresh disposal. 13. Drain Cleaner When your drains get backed up, here's a mild, natural remedy to clear them 14. Window Cleaner Keep windows sparkling clean with this fresh-smelling cleaner 15. Disinfectant Spray Put down the harsh chemicals and instead kill germs in your home with this disinfectant spray

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